The Jets Are Fucked But The Team Can Be Fixed With One Hire


Just hear me out here and do not think I am crazy about all this, Rex is clearly on his way out but one thing Rex did do was show that he can find quality defensive players through the draft (Mo Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson). What Rex couldn’t do was develop young QBs and show NY that he could have championship caliber football being played on both sides of the ball. Rex can’t develop offensive players and that lopsided style has run its course in NY but since we are still a young defensive minded team why not try to lure Nick Saban away from Alabama? Listen, I get that it is crazy but when you break it down it really isn’t as crazy as one would think, actually it’s exactly the same situation John Harbaugh came in when he accepted the 2008 Baltimore Ravens job. The 2007 Ravens team underachieved at 5-11 and Brian Billick was fired, so they were left with a stout defensive group but completely mind fucked on offensive they get John Harbaugh and four years later they revamp the offense get their franchise QB and boom they win the Super Bowl. I wholeheartedly believe that Nick Saban would think long and hard about the job if Woody Johnson offered him the position because he loves defense and that young D line by the Jets will be a staple in NY for a long time. Saban can also eye talent at a college level, he knows what players will pan out and what won’t so why not get Saban go draft offensive the next two drafts and let Saban finally get to the playoffs as an NFL coach. I know I am crazy to think about this but why the fuck wouldn’t we try to get the best coach on the market? We need someone to take what Rex built and take it to the next level and I honestly think Saban has to be bored with Alabama by now, I mean seriously Tuscaloosa or NYC? No fucking brainer, just pull the trigger.

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