Maria Bello Comes Out

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I will never get this, people are legit outraged about this actress coming out because she has a one year old child. Listen, I get that coming out is wrong to some idiots but this women is just downright sexy for an older women and she is probably saying “no longer do I need to get anally abused and degraded by men so I will go Ellen on the media. For those idiots who think this will affect her child’s life are just mental midget’s. If this women never came out she would have spoiled her kids rotten and bought whatever they wanted then they would have ended up coke addicts all while every friend of theirs speaks about their “Hot Milf/Mom” just like every other celebrity kid. Hmm now this kid will end up doing all those things minus the Milf jokes so it seems as if Maria Bello upgraded her son’s life forever.

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