I’m No Lawyer But GTA’s Makers Definitely Stole Lindsay Lohan’s Look








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Lindsay Lohan is reported to be building a lawsuit against the makers of Grand Theft Auto V.

A source tells TMZ that the 27-year-old believes her likeness was stolen for the latest instalment of the game, which takes place in a version of Los Angeles.

Lohan’s attorneys are said to be demanding that Rockstar Games, who publishes GTAV, pay for using the actress’ likeness without permission.-DailyMail

When I first saw all this I was convinced that this was Blohan just being a bitch but I legit couldn’t help but see the fact that RockStar Games 100% stole Lohan’s look here. I mean I know it’s just a game but virtual Lindsay in the upper right corner of that GTA Logo is a certified warehouse fire. I love how this is what Lohan’s people worry about now, like they know “hmmmmmm cannot book Lindsay any gigs cause she will relapse cause she is a junkie so let’s harass video game creators for any person that kinda looks like Lindsay.

PS: Where did Lindsay’s boobs go? She had world class moon balloons now there half way to Mexico, what the fuck.

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