Dolphins ButtFuck The Jets But Let’s Go Get Jay Cutler





Well there goes the season, Rex will be fired, we will draft another QB cause Geno Smith legitimately makes Mark Sanchez look like Johnny Unitas. For all those on the “MATT SIMMS” bandwagon yeah fuck you guys too because your boy looked just as bad so why not have the dude you wasted a 2nd round pick on get some playing time and help you lose and go 5-11. Matt Simms sucks, Geno sucks so the grass isn’t greener on the other side so shut the fuck up. Now for good ole Rexy, I thoroughly believe that Rex is a good fit as a head coach but not for this team and fan base. Our whole existence as Jet fans has been exactly what Rex stands for, all defense but can never find that one guy to play QB at a championship level. When Rex was in Baltimore they never found their QB until the minute he leaves suddenly Flacco comes to it and wins the Super Bowl and when Rex was our beloved Head Coach we always had a good/great defense but could never find our franchise QB. Rex is the Jets, the talented guy/team who will always be one-sided and virtually flawed. Where Rex will thrive is in a small town like a KC or Jacksonville where he can just talk shit 24/7 have his little city buzzing and that fan approval will hold up for a decade. But not in NY, not in a place where we only care about results and going 6-10 every year ain’t gonna get it done. So this game represented Rex and his whole career with the Jets, before this game I was quietly confident but once the game actually began it appeared more in more like the Jets didn’t have a fucking chance and that is Rex, yeah we thought he could get us to the promised land but once push came to shove he didn’t have a fucking chance. 

PS: Fuck drafting a new QB, if the Jets get a top 12 pick let’s draft a stud Wide Receiver and then pray Jay Cutler becomes a free agent and let’s sign him. 

PPS: Still mad at Pittsburgh and that AFC Championship Game cause had the Jets won and gotten to a Super Bowl that would have bought Rex a decade of love towards him.

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