Who Is The Turkey Of The Year?

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  • President Obama will pardon just one National Thanksgiving Turkey at the annual ceremony on Wednesday, but both will be allowed to live
  • Public asked to vote through social media on which one they deem should be the lucky one
  • Popcorn, the smallest of the two with a ‘proud strut’, likes Beyonce’s song, Halo
  • Caramel, whose walk is ‘steady and deliberate’, prefers Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance
  • The tradition dates back to 1963 where John F Kennedy spared a Thanksgiving turkey
  • Last year’s pardoned turkeys both died within a year of Obama sparing their lives.- Daily Mail.

Holy shit folks! It is down to the final two and I legit have no idea which cock will take the cake. I get the sense that Popcorn is more of a quality bird and Caramel is a big bruiser who isn’t afraid to get nasty in the ring. To put this turkey fest in perspective for all people to understand, Popcorn is like Bree Olsen, yeah sure she’s tiny and innocent looking but don’t get it twisted the bird is a true pro and that is all that matters. Caramel is Gianna Michaels, big tough, kinda chubby but is an absolute freak once it’s game time. My money is on Caramel because us Americans love the biggest and most powerful shit and that is how Obama will vote.


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