Take A Gander At The Greatest Christmas Lights Ever

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  • Father-of-three David Richards, from Canberra, Australia first won title in 2011 with 331,038 lights
  • However, he was beaten by a family from New York who installed 346,283 – but Mr Richards vowed to regain title
  • His family has now officially broken the record with 502,165 lights – much to the annoyance of his neighbours 
  • Lights will raise money for charity and cost £1,400 to run for a month-Daily Mail

I don’t know why or how but this really gets me in the Christmas spirit and I already watched Christmas vacation once and I will probably watch it from December 10th-25th every night because that is what real American men do. I feel like there is no way this guy isn’t that Ned Flanders neighbor who you have no choice but to hate his fucking guts, like yeah I get this is for charity but I would have no choice but to fuck this guy’s wife if I lived in his neighborhood because you keep me up with your lights or make excessive noise, I fuck your wife it’s that simple and this guy does both. He keeps me up cause it is an obnoxiously bright and loud display and you know all the Aussie’s are coming by the house and making noise because it is a tourist attraction so honestly that would be my solution to this little problem. I hate this Australian brat but for some reason I love Clark W. Griswold and always will.

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