Morning After Pill Doesn’t Work For Overweight Women


  • Norlevo manufacturer HRA Pharma says the pill will not work for women weighing more than 176 pounds
  • Women weighing more than 165 pounds will see diminished effectiveness-DailyMail

What a rough go of it for overweight girls and I need you to listen, I know first hand that being overweight isn’t fun by any means but at least being overweight as a guy you are still able to get the jolly and funny big guy thing and still have a chance at being successful. Look how many greatly successful fat men are out there Chris Christie, Kevin James, Jason Alexander, James Gandolfini, Chris Farley, Fat Joe, Artie Lange, Alec Baldwin and even Adele. But for a fat chick life is just straight up tough and I won’t lie almost every time I meet an overweight women she is usually such a sweetheart but since guys are superficial pricks no guys will date her which is bull shit but tough luck. Now this news comes in and let me get this straight: when the fat girl finally gets fucked by some rando dude she has an even better chance of being fucked with a bastard child, god isn’t anti gay marriage it is appearing more and more like he is anti fat chicks.


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