Today marked the end of New York football for 2013

Well today was the “Super Bowl” so to speak for both the Giants and the Jets and neither team got it done.  The Jets defense hung tough like usual but the offense continued to play terribly and they had no chance in this one.  Even though the Jets far exceeded this years expectations this one still stings for those Jet fans.  The Giants on the other hand played tough and fought back to tie the game up but could not stop the usual choke artist Tony Rahomo.  The Giants obviously didn’t help themselves by starting the season off 0-6 but proceeding to win their next 4 games just gave us false hope.  I really am surprised at how poorly the Giants performed all year and how every first down and completion was just so difficult.  The defense played well all year (even during the 6 game losing streak) but the offense continued to turn the ball over and go three and out over and over.

This Giants game was brutal to watch because basically a win made us serious contenders and we dropped the ball.  Dominating the Cowboys early, Victor Cruz fumble was returned for a touchdown and completely shifted the momentum.   After getting into the red zone twice and being forced to kick field goals put the Giants in a big hole.  This years team was not performing but you always thought the Giants would pull off some sort of magic and sneak into the playoffs. What drove me crazy during this game was when they went for it on fourth down and didn’t get it.  I liked the aggressiveness but on third down they threw the ball.  Why the fuck would you not run the ball on third and five giving yourself a chance to convert a fourth and short, ESPECIALLY WHEN ANDRE BROWN IS RUNNING ALL OVER THE COWBOYS. FUCK KEVIN GILBRIDE.  The only positive thing is that this walrus looking motherfucker may finally get fired.  He is awful, I hate him with a burning passion and two Super Bowls and Eli Manning’s clutch play in the past saved his job.

Technically both the Jets and Giants are not eliminated but today was laying them into the coffin.  It has been a disaster year for New York sports, the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets all missing the playoffs, and the Knicks are off to an absurdly terrible start. (The Nets do not count as a New York team but they to are off to a terrible start) I am depressed, sad and a little scared and really don’t know what to do with myself.  Fucking dongs.


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