The Knicks Season Is Over



It is that simple, they choked another game away to the fucking Pacers and their superstar Carmelo Anthony went balls to the wall and had 30 Points and 18 Boards. This team is fucked and there is no one else to blame but Mike Fucking Woodson, hey fucktard you foul when you’re up by three with 5 seconds left, do not take the chance of letting Paul George get fouled for three. In two weeks many things will be shaken up with this Knicks team, Stat needs to be moved I do not care who we trade him for lets just get rid of him and Woodson has to fucking go, his Mr. Potato head routine is just wearing fucking old. JR sucks, Iman sucks, and Kenyon has no Hand Eye coordination so where does that leave us? It leaves us in FuckedVille and I feel like now we have zero chance of being good, it is feeling like the 07 Knicks all over again.

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