The Dog Who Stays Like A Puppy Forever

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This dog stays a puppy forever? Is that what scientists are trying to spin here because I refuse to believe it. There is 0 chance this dog doesn’t grow up because just like all great things they must come to an end. On the other hand for the overall cuteness of the dog I gotta give him a solid 8/10 but he ain’t no teacup chihuahua thats for damn sure but he is still pretty talented in the cute department. I don’t think I would want a puppy forever to be honest, too much energy because once the new dog happiness leaves your life you stop showing the dog attention and then the dog relaxes and matures but if he is a puppy his whole life could you imagine how annoying that fucking 8-year-old puppy/dog would be??? Like kinda when you first meet your gf you fuck like rabbits then it turns into a once a month thing and that is natural, but imagine if your GF never wanted to stop having sex yeah it sounds great but that fun will wear out quick.

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