The GenoCoaster Continues While The Bills Bitchslap The Jets

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills


The Geno Coaster continued yesterday and boom the Jets got destroyed by the Fucking Bills 34-17 and there are three takeaways from watching the game.

1. The Jets are the prime example of mediocrity 5-5 and we haven’t won two in a row in about 3 years, fuck my life.

2. Geno Smith needs to relax and stop trying so hard, he is forcing the ball into double coverage and he is a douche.

3.Where was the Sons Of Anarchy yesterday? I had more sacks than the big bad “Sons Of Anarchy” Hey Wilk, Richardson, Coples and Harrison if you’re gonna start nicknaming yourself make sure you can consistently do it every fucking game.

PS: If you think the trip to Dave and Buster’s the night before effected the game you’re an idiot, we got cuntpunted and that’s it.

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