Take A Gander At This Maxim Magazine Award Winner Finalist Turned Heroine Addict

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A runner-up in this year’s Maxim magazine ‘Hometown Hottie’ competition was arrested in New Hampshire yesterday during a major drug sweep in the region. 

Model Persephanie Lesperance, 24, was arrested on suspicion of selling heroin and drug possession in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.-DailyMail

Hmm, one day your daughter is a sweet little girl who hugs you goodnight then she’s a Maxim Award finalist then straight Heroine addict, talk about a rough go of it for this broad’s father right? I think it is retarded how people try to stand up for models and they always act is if the models of the world are some sort of moral compass for all the normal people. I think this girl should just be on the Aldon Smith plan, go on a 4 week vacation come back suck off three dudes from the casting couch and before you know it you are starring in your first feature film.

Isn’t that how every young actress career begins?



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