One Of The Worst NY Sports Nights In A Long Time As Isles And Knicks Suck

NHL: MAR 20 Islanders at Kings


As I watched my Isles go from up 2-0 in the 3rd period to just completely choking to the LA Kings. We played well thru 2.5 Periods but we folded like a cheap fucking suit down the stretch and the Isles are looking more and more like the Isles that the NHL grew to know from 2005-2012. Now we are 7-10-3 and I hate watching the many inconsistencies that show with this team game in and game out. I wasn’t that sad about the Isles choke job because  at least I know my Knicks were on later so I could at least watch my team dominate Dwight Coward and the Rockets.



The Knicks game was just rough all around because of the overall joke of a team they are. They cannot consistently play D and their shot selection is fucking horrendous. This game is clearly on Woodson because they made two of the biggest bonehead plays you can make. With 1:56 left in the game Melo stupidly Hacked Howard not knowing it had been under 2 mins so they got a free throw and a possession. Melo should know the rules I get that, but the coach should brief the team on several different scenarios next dead ball. Then at the very end when they needed to foul they had 5.0 seconds left when the ball was inbounded then they waited till 2.3 seconds left before fouling and once again this was Mike Woodson not briefing his team properly. The Knicks are done and the Isles stink if the Jets lose this week I might fucking go crazy, well at least I have my PS4 so my life isn’t all bad.

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