I Hate This Women With The Fire Of A Thousand Suns.

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This slut goes all Medieval on life and I am supposed to be proud of her stupidity? I will admit this, that huge bike thing is unfucking real and I could only imagine how much poon I would have gotten in grade school had my bike had a  huge back tire like that. I think it is so funny how hipsters and conservative people are so against any progress in society. People always talk about the good ole days and never mention the fact that every one smelled like shit and all the girls had bushes the size of Bismarck, North Dakota. No TV back then, no cell phones and no computers to read stupid fucking blogs on so I say how dumb so you need to be to want to wear corsets and pretend like Victorian living is the shit? Fuck the cool collars and fashion trends of the Victorian effort I will take my iPhone and streamable porn any fucking day.

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