Jets D-Line Named “Sons Of Anarchy”



Hmm I love the show and the title but I don’t really have an opinion on the name. I feel like these names we give defenses rarely ever leads to winning titles. (NY Sack Exchange, Purple People Eaters) all fell thru and though  I don’t think the Jets can sniff a title this year I do LOVE our D line. The reason they are so good is because they are not overly talented in any specific style of play, they are not like the Texans D line that can play the Run but struggle at getting a pass rush and they are not the Giants D line that struggled with running offenses but could get off the ball and rush the passer better than anyone. The Jets are just a happy medium and that is why we are so excited about this young dline. Mo Wilk is the standout of the group and he can rush the passer while playing the run better than anyone in the league, then you have Richardson who rushes the passer on passing downs, then you bring Damon Harrison in when you need someone to penetrate the O line to blow up a running play and Coples is kinda the middle man who does both jobs pretty well. I do not know what occurs for the Jets the next 7 years but all I know is that I am excited to see the Sons Of Anarchy smack QBs around for a long time.

PS: My personal favorite on the DLine is easily Coples just because of his brands.

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