Take A Gander At The Teen Busted For DUI Wearing Nothing But Undies



  • Kristen Forester, 18, was pulled over in Fort Pierce on October 21 at around 3am
  • She had been speeding and ‘driving recklessly’
  • When police asked why she was not wearing clothes, Forester replied she had been ‘at work’
  • Her blood alcohol content was measured at 0.157 and 0.144, greater than the legal limit of 0.08-Dailymail

 How bout this hardass cop huh? If there was ever a time where you could easily get some head from some drunk girl while on the job it would have 100% been this broad; but Buzz Killington here does one of the douchiest thing a cop can do and that is take himself way too seriously. I would have just asked her to get out of the car frisk her twice and let her go home, but I would not be a fucking hardass and torture this innocent little slut. I love the fact that she is in her underwear because that is pretty much her telling the world “yeah I do not give a fuck anymore” nothing hotter than a girl who does not give a fuck. (Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Kim K, ETC)

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